Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Themed Gummy Ideas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

During this holiday season I've been snacking on all kinds of amazing holiday treats.  From fruit cakes, cookies, and a huge variety of chocolates, I've been stuffing my tummy full of all kinds of sweets.  There is one sweet however that's been noticeably absent from my holiday munching menu, gummies.  It seems like gummies, the most versatile of all candies, has been left out of the holiday selection.  There are a few out there, but not that much.  I believe that there's plenty of room for gummies during the holidays, and so I've decided to design a few fun gummy holiday treats myself.  These gummies aren't just guimmies shaped like elves, Santa, or any other Christmas themed tchotchke.  These treats use the gummy texture to their benefit.

As always, I invite any candy maker out there to use my ideas for free. All I ask is that if you make any of these, please be kind enough to send me some to try.
The first gummy treat on this list I'm surprised no one has thought of yet, gummy Christmas ornaments. Hanging candy on a Christmas tree is already a thing with candy canes, so why not go further.  With gummy ornaments you also don't have to worry about broken glass.  If one of these hits the floor you'll just get a subtle splat sound.  Sure you might not eat any of the ornaments that have hit the ground, but you don't eat most of your candy canes either, so it's no big deal.
The next gummy idea for the holidays is gummy ribbons.  Tearing open a gift on Christmas morning is one of the best feelings ever.  The only thing that really gets in the way is the ribbon.  You can't gracefully remove a ribbon from a Christmas gift.  In fact I'd say that the ribbon is more of a frustrating challenge, and who wants that on this day that should be full of happiness.  Gummy ribbons would be much easier to break through, and it would give you some sugar energy as you're opening all of your other gifts.
The last holiday gummy ideas is not gummy gingerbread men, it's gummy gingerbread men icing.  Recently I tried to bake some gingerbread cookies, and it all went pretty well, until I had to ice the cookies.  As it turns out, icing things with any kind of accuracy is not an easy task.  Gummy gingerbread decorations would simplify this task greatly.  You simply bake your cookies, and lay on the decorations.  If the cookies are a little bit warm the gummy should melt just a bit and stick to the cookie.  You could use all kinds of flavours and colours of gummy to make so many different designs.

So there you have it, gummies for Christmas.  Maybe you'll see it in a store near you next holiday season. If you do see any of these, let me know.


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