Monday, February 22, 2016

This Week In Candy

Does anybody know what kind of seeds these are?  I just got about a pound of them, and the're pretty tasty.  They're similar to pumpkin seeds only much narrower and the shells seem a lot thinner than most pumpkin seeds.  The label at the place where I got them just called them "white seeds", so it wasn't very much help.  If you've got any theories, either researched or made up, let me know.  I most want to know so I can get them again, that is unless they're origin is extremely disgusting.

As I mentioned last week, we're in Thailand, still. If you've been following our exploits on our various social media sites than you have a better idea of how our trip is going since I'm writing this way in advance.  I sure hope we're having fun, because this trip was really not as much about working as it was relaxing.  Having said that I never really take time off, and I'm pretty much constantly either writing or taking pictures of things.  This annoyed Allison to no end, and will probably lead to me losing my sanity at any moment.

As I mentioned last week as well, Snack Facts is going to be based on the various treats I find in Thailand and be very erratic (as we find things to write about and good internet connections).  We'll go back to our regular format when we're back home.  Being away also means that we won't be posting any new reviews either.  The good news is our regular posting of a Cool Candy Thing and Candy in The Media will still be around.  Also, when we get back home we'll have a ton to talk about I'm sure.


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