Monday, February 29, 2016

This Week In Candy

Hey we're back!!! Thailand was a great place, and really a food mecca. It isn't until you visit Thailand that you can truly appreciate the word "street food".  Never have I seen so many varieties of food on the street.  This is truly a culture of local food, made fast, but made so well.  There were even some street food vendors with longer lines than some of the restaurants.  I'll have a blog post going up next week with details about all of the food, treats, and junk food we found on this adventure.

Now that we're back, we're getting back to work on our regular projects.  We'll be recording two episodes of the Junk Fud podcast this week.  One will go up later this week, and the second will go up next week.  This week's episode will be our regular installment of Junk Fud News where we'll look back at some of the junk food news that happened in the month of February.  The second podcast will be an episode of Junk Fud On The Road where Allison and I will talk about our trip to Thailand.

This week we're also posting a week long special feature, where we're looking at Jelly Bellies.  Recently Jelly Belly released some new flavours, and they look pretty good, however we think that we can do better.  So we put our money where our mouth is, and this week we're going to show you our awesome ideas for new Jelly Belly flavours.  Every day there will be a new category of flavour that we think will rock your taste buds, are you listening Jelly Belly.

Now that we're back home, Snack Facts, our Instagram feed is back to it's daily schedule. I don't want to give anything away, but this week's Snack Facts is all about birthday cakes.  It might be because someone's birthday is coming up... really soon.  So tune in this week to learn a little history about one of the best parts of any birthday party.  You can follow Snack Facts on our Instagram feed, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.

On our Thailand adventure we came across a whole lot of cool treats.  So we figured the best way to celebrate these newly discovered treats would be a review-a-thon.  Everyday this week we'll be posting a new review of a treat that we discovered in Thailand.  The first review is of a very surprising ice cream treat that we discovered in Phuket.  Check out Twitter feed or Facebook page every day this week for more Thai candy reviews, however you can click here to read the first.


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