Monday, February 08, 2016

This Week In Candy

It's the Valentine's Day week!  That means that love is in the air, and chocolate is on my mind.  But don't feel like you're going to be left out if you're not with a special someone right now.  We here at Candy Critic have got your back if you're single during this particular holiday.  Later this week (possibly tomorrow) we're posting a list of Valentine's Day chocolates for single folks.  Just because you're not in the midst of a relationship doesn't mean that you should be denied chocolate, quite the opposite in fact.

You may have also noticed a few Valentine's Day greeting cards for sale recently from our sister site  Every holiday this year, we hope to feature a few selections from the Beware the Cheese catalog of fine candy themed photos as greeting cards and posters.

Just because we can't get off of this crazy ride called Valentine's Day, this week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're going to look at some interesting Valentine's Day Candy facts.  Check back every day this week for a fun new fact about the holiday all about love, that we all love.  You can follow Snack Facts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as well.

I don't want to forget about the Super Bowl. I'm sure the game was great, and the best team won, which ever team that was.  More importantly this afternoon we'll be posting a look at all of the candy and junk food related commercials that appeared this year.  Some are great, some are lame, and some are just freaking weird.

For this week's review I was torn, should I review a football themed candy for the Super Bowl, or should I review a Valentine's Day candy?  Then I realized that no one makes a Super Bowl themed candy, and it surprised me.  I think Super Bowl themed snacks (more than just plastering NFL logos on packages, would be a great idea.  Maybe next year I'll try and come up with some.  As it stands, I found a great Valentine's Day treat to review that's sure to make that special someone in your life really happy this year, especially if that special someone is yourself.  Click here to read the new review.


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