Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hey Jelly Belly!!! Some Flavour Ideas - Creams


This week we've filled the blog with ideas for future Jelly Belly flavours, we started with Middle Eastern spices, then we went to Japanese snacks, yesterday it was candy bar flavours, today it'll be smooth and creamy.

Creams have been associated with fruits and cakes since the inception of desserts.  While some might argue that every cream is the same, I think Jelly Belly would be the perfect company to produce cream flavoured beans that each have their own subtle difference.  These beans on their own would be OK, but much like the Middle Eastern Spice beans, mixed with fruit and other sweet beans these would just elevate the flavour to a new level.  The real trick to these beans would be to keep them from being sweetened.  You don't want the cream bean to blend in too much with the other sweet flavoured beans, you want it to contrast it.

The sour cream Jelly Belly would have to be cool.  The idea of this bean would be to cool down the flavour of any other Jelly Belly that you've already eaten.  Not only would this bean work well while eating fruit flavoured Jelly Bellies, but it could work to help you wear off the effects of a Jelly Belly that's too spicy for your liking.

Clotted cream Jelly Bellies would have to be the most decadent of all the cream flavours.  The flavour would have to be strong and very rich in order to simulate the cream it's portraying.  Probably one or two clotted cream Jelly Bellies would be enough to balance out with a small handful of cherry Jelly Bellies.

Unlike the clotted cream Jelly Belly, the whipped cream Jelly Belly would have to be lighter.  This would be a bean that would never over power the fruit or sweet bean that it's mixed with.  Instead the whipped cream Jelly Belly would ad a subtle accent.


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