Friday, March 04, 2016

Hey Jelly Belly!!! Some Flavour Ideas - Salty Snacks

Salty Snacks

For our last entry into our week long look at ideas for Jelly Belly flavours we're going to look at salty snacks.  Check back on some of our past ideas including Creams, Middle Eastern spices, candy bars, and Japanese snacks.

When I talk to people about Jelly Bellies, there is inevitably at least one person in any group that loves buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies.  I would probably fall into that group as well.  There's something rather strange about eating a savory Jelly Belly, particularly with the butter flavour.  This is why I think Jelly Belly should take a few more steps forward in this area.  Why stop at just popcorn when there are so many other savory snacks that would make great flavours for Jelly Bellies.

The first savory snack that came to mind when I thought up this selection was pretzel.  I think for the sake of this bean they should go for a German soft pretzel rather than a hard small pretzel.  The key to making this flavour work is the slight sweetness of the bread mixed with the subtle salty flavour of the rock salt.

The next flavour is one that could expand, and is probably the most vague of all of the Jelly Belly flavours that I've thought of.  In Canada we're well known for our many varieties of flavoured potato chips, and this trend is starting to spread widely.  I think a whole line of flavoured chips would work, however you could start with a classic (in my Canadian mind) salt and vinegar potato chips.  This chip would be a great sour, with a slight hint of sweet, and just a dash of salt flavour.  It would be one of the most complex of all of these flavours, but I think it would be pretty tasty.

I'm not sure how well this last of these savory snack themed Jelly Bellies would actually work, flavour wise, but I'm pretty sure it would be the one flavour to get headlines.  Doritos have been licencing their brand a lot over the last ten years or so, and Jelly Belly would be a great fit.  I imagine that the cheese flavour would either be a surprising success, or a disgusting failure.  Either way, I think many people would at the very least want to give them a try, myself included.


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