Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This Week In Candy (A Little Late Because Of Easter)

The days after Easter are always the same, it starts with a little regret after you realize you've eaten a huge chocolate Easter bunny in one day.  Then you're filled with hope, that starts when you go shopping for something to help your stomach ache and you see discounted Easter candy.  The next move is to buy that same chocolate Easter bunny on sale, and this time take it slow.  That works for a few days, until you binge on the chocolate Easter bunny while watching Walking Dead in one night.  Fortunately, by then all of the good discounted Easter treats are gone, and you're left two weeks after Easter debating if it's worth buying that case of Peeps.

This week at Candy Critic, it's a bit of a work week.  We'll be recording the latest episode of the Junk Fud podcast featuring all of the junk food news that we came across in the month of March (it should go online later this week).  We're also working on some of our new Youtube content, including a new intro for our soon to be regular segment known as "Chris, Why Would You Eat That!??". We're also going to be working on a new segment that we hope to have going soon where we'll look back at some of the candy we've reviewed in the past, and see if it's still the same.  Finally we're writing a few articles that will be coming online in the future, and possibly starting an art project related to the candy we've reviewed.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're looking at when certain chocolate bars came out. It's amazing how long some of the classic bars have been around.  Most would say that they don't remember these bars not existing, but chances are your grandparents may not have known a world without a Hershey Bar either. Check back every day this week to find out when some of the classic bars came out, you can follow Snack Facts on Instagram, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook page.

This week's new review is a classic treat, it's a classic treat that everyone loves to hate.  I'm still looking for anybody to make the Circus Peanut fan page (that's not affiliated with any company that makes them).  So click here to read why I loved and hated reviewing this bright orange peanut.


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