Monday, March 14, 2016

This Week In Candy

Holy cow we have a busy week here at Candy Critic! As you may have noticed, over the last few weeks’ we've been posting new candy themed Easter cards available from our sister site  Make sure to check out their store, and pick up a card for the one you love.  Also this week, we'll be recording and posting another episode of the Junk Fud Podcast, this week we'll be looking at the history of a fairly famous candy company.  This week we're also going to be revealing the secret to Allison's famous pancakes, in our regularly monthly installment of the Candy Critic Dessert Club.

Our big project this week we’re going to look at Galamay.  Galamay is a traditional Thai candy that has stumped us.  We bought a bag of them on our recent trip to Thailand, but we couldn't figure out what to do with them, particularly since there are so many flavour varieties.  We've decided that we're going to review the classic version (check this week's new review), and we're going to write an article about the other flavours.  Included with this article will be a short video (on our new and improved You Tube channel) that will feature my reaction to biting into each flavour of Galamay, one at a time.  This may not seem that interesting, however one of the flavours is durian (the grossest fruit in the world), and I'm not sure which one is the durian flavoured Galamay.

St Patrick's Day is also coming up this week. While thinking up ideas of how to celebrate, we realized that St Patrick's Day is really lacking in the candy department.  Sure there's a million places to get green beer, but how can someone with a sweet tooth celebrate this day?  There are a very few candy options, and all of them are just so green.  We put our minds to the test, and later this week we'll be posting some candy creation ideas for St Patrick's Day, that aren't green.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're going a little out of the box.  This week we're looking at famous Internet food memes.  Being on the Internet almost all of the time, and constantly looking at food websites, we come across all kinds of food related Internet memes.  So this week on Snack Facts, we're going to drop a few facts about some of the more famous ones.  Make sure to check our Instagram feed, Facebook page, or Twitter feed every day for a new fact about internet famous food stuffs.

As you've read above, this week we're dealing with a huge variety of strange Thai candies known as Galamay.  We thought it would make sense to review the most traditional of all the flavours, whatever that flavour happens to be.  We knew it was the traditional flavour because it was the only one to come wrapped in a banana leaf.  Click here to read about our first experience with this strange Thai sweet.


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