Monday, March 21, 2016

This Week In Candy

Spring is here, and that means so is Easter.  With spring in the air, and chocolate bunnies on our mind, we're going to celebrate the chocolatiest holiday of the year.  We've got a few plans for this holiday, some which will be revealed later this week, other's we'll talk about right now.

You may have noticed that we've been posting a lot of Easter themed greeting cards lately.  It's not too late to pick up a special Easter themed card for that special someone.  I'm sure it would decorate that Easter basket perfectly.  You can check out all of our cards right here.

This week we're also going to keep you very informed about this candy fun holiday on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed.  Every day this week we'll post a new fun fact about Easter, and the treats we're all hopping to get in our basket (pun intended).  You can check out our daily Snack Facts on our Instagram feed, Facebook page, and Twitter feed as well.

What would be an Easter week without a special Easter review.  This week's review takes one of the modern classic Easter candies, and gives it a little twist.  Click here to find out if Cadbury Creme Eggs translated well into cookie form.


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