Monday, April 04, 2016

This Week In Candy

This weekend I went to a local festival and I had the opportunity to sample some sugarcane juice.  I haven't had sugarcane in such a long time I forgot how sweet it is and how hard it is to finish a whole cup.  My favorite part of the process was watching this amazingly decorated machine spin as it crushed the cane into a fine green juice.  They added a dash of lemon to the juice to balance out the super sweet flavour. Snacking at local festivals is always great.

This week on the Candy Critic YouTube channel we released episode two of our series Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!  We've got a few questionable treats lined up for future episodes, including a twist on a very popular chocolate spread.  We're also posting all of the episodes of Junk Fud (our almost weekly podcast) on YouTube as well.  Make sure to check later this week as we'll be posting the 4th installment of Junk Fud On the Road, all about France.

Speaking of Junk Fud On The Road, we're currently planning a few travel adventures right now.  We're thinking about India, and the USA.  Two very different places, but both really well known for food.  We're still working out the details, but as usual we'll be posting all about the trip during and when we come back home.  Stay tuned for more details.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're looking at Snickers bars.  Probably one of the most well known candy bars in the world, and likely the most well represented candy (behind Doritos) in Superbowl advertising.  Make sure to check back every day to learn something new about this meal in a bar.  You can follow Snack facts on our Instagram feed, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

This week's review is a result of last week's episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!  You can watch the video to see our initial response to the Cambodian Banana Candies, then read this week's review to get a more detailed look at this very strange chewy treat. Click here to read the review.


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