Monday, May 09, 2016

This Week In Candy

Every so often Allison has to go on a business trip.  Sometimes I accompany Allison on these trips.  Sometimes I end up checking out all of the local attractions and sites, but sometimes... Sometimes I lock myself in the hotel room and work on my writing.  I might work on my latest book, I may write a few blogs, I might even work on a few articles about travel. I generally just try and catch up on all the writing that I've procrastinated about over the last few months (or maybe years).  So here I am, in a hotel room writing.  The idea of locking yourself in a hotel to "write" is a very romantic notion, it sometimes doesn't really end up being that romantic, but I almost always get some work done.

So what does that mean for anybody reading this blog?  Well it means that there will be some content in the future. I'm going to polish up a few articles that I'm posting later this summer.  In particular I'm going to write a series on treats that I have a huge number of varieties (like Kit Kat), and I'm also going to write a glossary of terms in the candy world.  Both of these should be going online later this summer.  I'm also going to write a few episodes of Junk Fud History, our podcast all about the history of certain junk foods.  Finally I'm polishing up a few recipes that I'll post with the monthly installment of the Dessert Club (posted right here on this very blog).

This week things should be fairly normal, except for the fact that I'll be posting about my hotel lock down on our social media sites.  So far it's pretty much just me sitting at a laptop, but I'm sure craziness will ensue, after all, housekeeping could come by at any moment...  Also, later this week we'll be posting a new episode of our hi-larious YouTube show Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! This week Chris (that's me) tries to eat a basket of random brown lumps.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're staring into the rainbow.  We're looking at food colouring (or as you Americans would spell "food coloring"). Every day this week we'll post an interesting fact about the things that change the colour of our foods.  You can follow snack facts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Even though we're away, we still have a new review for you.  This week we're looking at a variety of Aero bar, the strawberry Aero.  I'm never really sure if candy companies are trying to "improve" their bars, or just put out a second rate copy.  Find out where I stand when it comes to this particular treat by clicking here.


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