Monday, June 27, 2016

This Week In Candy

Over the last few weeks here at Candy Critic, we've been re-organizing the way we produce some of our content. Most notably, we're changing up the way our podcast, Junk Fud, and our video blog series, Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!, is put online.  Starting in July, the follow schedule will happen:

First week of every month - Junk Fud News, where we look at what happened in the world of junk food and candy for the month before.
Second week of every month - A new episode of Chris, Whey Would You Eat That?!!, where Chris eats questionable foods for your enjoyment.
Third week of every month - Junk Fud On The Road, where Allison and Chris talk about some of the cool places they've traveled, and the food they found.
Junk Fud History, and Junk Fud And You will continue, but on a random basis.

You can also keep track of all of the episodes of the podcast on our SoundCloud station right here.

Having said all of that, this summer looks like it's going to be rather crazy, so who knows how well we'll stick to this schedule.

Speaking of this summer, we're planning our next adventure, and it's going to be a big one.  We've traveled a lot of places, but now we're looking at visiting the "happiest place on earth", that's right Disney World.  We're getting geared up to visit the only place where you're happy to see mice wondering around. We've been doing our homework, and we have lots of fun things planned.  We are however always open to suggestions for treats and sweets that we can't miss.  We should ad that we're going to be there for the Epcot Food And Wine Festival.

This week on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed, we're looking at the origins of some classic candies.  Every day this week we're going to tell you how long a classic treat has been around.  It's amazing that many of us are eating the same candy that our grandparents ate.  To keep up with Snack Facts, you can follow our Instagram feed, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

Speaking of classic candies, this week's review is a real classic.  It's such a classic that I'm really surprised that I haven't reviewed it yet. The Toblerone bar has been around as long as I know, and it's one of those bars I keep finding in every airport all over the world.  Click here to read our long awaited review.


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