Monday, July 04, 2016

This Week In Candy

Well it was bound to happen one day, the old girl gave out.  I'm not one to update my computers often, I hold onto them until they completely give out. Yesterday my desktop computer, that had to be more than 7 years old finally gave it her last.  While that isn't the only computer I use to run my very meager internet empire, it did serve certain functions, that will have to be moved to other computers. I'll miss that computer as it served me well, and deserves better than an instantaneous blue screen of death every time I turn it on.  What this means for Candy Critic is not totally clear yet. There might be a few delays as I update this temporary laptop to do my bidding.  I was already in the process of updating this laptop, but there were a few things left to do. As a result this week's new review is either going to be delayed or not posted till next week.

Just because my computer is down, doesn't mean we're going to stop with "all" of our fun antics.  Along with our regular posts here, including our weekly Candy Thing on Wednesday and Candy In The Media on Friday, we'll also be back on track with the Junk Fud podcast.  This week's episode of Junk Fud will be Junk Fud News featuring a look back June and all of the fun junk food stuff that happened.

We're also going to go ahead with Snack Facts, our Instagram feed.  This week we're looking at classic treats that aren't American.  I know all you Americans out there are celebrating your independence, and I hope you have a great day.  Just remember, some of the greatest American treats were gifts from other nations. If you want to keep up with Snack Facts, you can follow it daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Now, can anybody recommend a good piece of video editing software that's free, and works well on a laptop?


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