Monday, August 08, 2016

This Week In Candy

Thing here at Candy Critic are in a kind of wind down phase.  We're deep in the thralls of moving ourselves back home to Canada, a place we've been away from for almost 6 years.  It's been a great 6 years abroad where we've sampled some amazing snacks from all over the world, but it's time to get back to our roots.  The plan is to try and spend one full year without getting onto an airplane.  It's a time to eat some of our classic local food, and also see what's new.  It's a time to get back to our roots.

Having said all of that, we're going to be heading on our first "local" adventure almost immediately, with a trip to Disney World.  The idea is to inundate ourselves with the ultimate in North American culture, and a drive down the east coast of America to Florida seemed like a great way to do that.  A stop at the happiest place on earth is the icing on the cake, especially because the EPCOT food and wine festival will be on while we're there.  We'll get to sample foods from all over the world.

This week we'll be focusing on our move, and you might see some signs of that on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Even though we're moving, we're going to do everything in our power to keep the content coming here on Candy Critic.  This includes a new episode of our podcast Junk Fud On The Road, which will go up later this week. I think the only thing that's going to "take a break" is going to be Snack Facts, our Instagram feed.  It's not stopping per se, but it will be going into vacation mode.  That means that rather than post something everyday, we'll post fun Snack Facts as we come across them on this move.  For the next few weeks, many of these posts are likely to be connected to our pack up and move.

We're also going to be keeping our reviews coming, as best we can, throughout the move.  This week's review is a pretty special treat, or at least I hope it becomes one.  These chips were a revelation, and something I hope last longer than expected.  Click here to read the review.


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