Monday, October 31, 2016

This (Spooky) Week In Candy

It's Halloween!!!

I'm sure all you ghouls and ghosts are getting ready for some trick or treating, either you're getting the candy or giving it out.  Either way you're probably going to eat a lot of sugar today (I know you sneak more candy than you give adults). Me, I'm not sure what I'm doing this year yet.  Likely I'll be giving out some candy, but I'm still not sure.  This year is a pretty great Halloween for me, being back in a country that celebrates this holiday after six years is pretty fun.  Even better is the fact that Allison and I got to celebrate Halloween twice, once tonight and once at Disney World's Not So Scary Halloween Party (You can read more about that here).

As for my impressions after being away for so many years.  For the most part I'm really happy, I'm happy to see that Halloween seems to be bigger than ever, and people are still giving out lots of fun (and mostly high quality) treats.  I'm glad that the "teal pumpkin" program exists, but I'm also happy that it hasn't taken over. My only compliant this year is flavours.  This year I went all out with Halloween candy, in order to immerse myself back into the North American way of doing up this holiday.  The one thing I found again and again (and you'll see this in my Halloween reviews this year) is that almost no candy companies are experimenting with Halloween flavours. I found so many "Halloween" candies that were simply the same candy that the company normally made, but with Halloween packaging. This is seriously disappointing as the Halloween flavour library is huge, and some of these flavours are very popular right now.  Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to see classic treats in small packages for Halloween, but don't label it something it's not.  Unless you change the candy, and the candy is truly Halloween themed, don't give it a new identity.

After that little rant, this week at we'll be working on a few projects. First of all, later this week we'll be posting Junk Fud News for October 2016.  There's been a few interesting goings on this month, including a lot of fun Halloween shenanigans.  We'll also have our regular Candy In The Media and Candy Thing posting later this week right here on this blog.  We're also working on a few projects that we hope to start up in the weeks to come.

Review wise, we're finishing up our epic Halloween Candy Review-A-Thon with two more reviews today.  We're starting with one of the few bars that actually themed themselves to the holidays... at least a little.  Click here to find out if the Twix Ghost scared me or not.

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