Monday, December 26, 2016

The Week In Candy... The Last Of 2016

I call this time of year, the mid-holidays.  It's that time between Christmas and New Years when you're not out of holiday mode, but still have to go to work.  The official end of the holidays for me is the second day of the new year.  The mid-holidays are also the time of year that you have to eat all of your leftovers, for better or for worse.  Fortunately for me there's plenty of great desserts and sweets left over at my house, so I should be good for sugar filled fun well into January.  The one I'll savor the most, a box of untouched Toffifee, my favorite Christmas tradition.

Here at we're starting to get ready for the new year, because it seems that every year we seem to hit a bit of a reset switch here.  One thing we're restarting is Snack Facts, our Instagram feed.  We're not posting as many Snack Facts, but we're adding a new element, the Doughnut Project.  The goal of the Doughnut Project is to sample as many Tim Horton's doughnuts that I can.  So every so often (when I get a doughnut at Tim Horton's) I'll post a picture of the doughnut. I'll also post the doughnuts on our Candy Critic Map, so you can see where I got it.

This week we'll be posting our regular Wednesday Candy Thing, and our Friday Candy In The Media posts.  We'll also likely be posting a lot about some of the treats we sampled during the holidays on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  This week we'll also be editing our next episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! featuring (for the first time) a special guest.  That episode will be online in January.

This week's new review is pretty epic, in fact it might be one of the best chocolate bars I've tasted all year.  Speaking of which, we're working on our list of the most notable reviews we've posted this year.  Is there something you've tried this year that you can't forget?  For now you can read all about this amazing review that we're going to close the year out.  Click here to check it out.


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