Monday, January 02, 2017

This Week In Candy

Well it's the new year and that means there's going to be a few changes here at The first change has already started and that's with our Instagram feed, formerly known as Snack Facts. From now on our Instagram feed will feature both Snack Facts (but on a reduced schedule) and the Doughnut Project. The Doughnut Project is an attempt by me to taste as many different Tim Horton's doughnuts as I can. At this point there is no end date to this project, and I'm not likely going to actually get through all of them as Tim Horton's keep coming up with new flavours all the time. The Doughnut Project is also featured on our Candy Map where we mark each location where I bought the doughnuts.

The other project that is going to change is our podcast Junk Fud. At this point we are retiring Junk Fud News. It was a project that took a lot of time and frankly everything on it is available on our Twitter and Facebook feeds. We still plan on continuing Junk Fud On The Road monthly, as well as our not so regular Junk Fud And You podcasts. Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!, our video show will also continue.

There has been some thought of discontinuing our weekly Candy Thing blog post, and instead featuring Candy Things during some holidays and special events. We had hoped that people would find these things interesting, but it doesn't look like anybody cares.

Our goal in doing this is to focus on  other things, mainly reviews and original articles on this blog. Some of the fun was lost on this blog for us, and we want it back.

This all leads us to this week. Having shrunk down some of the content here on, we had time to put together a fun little article collecting our most memorable reviews of 2016. We should have that ready to go online tomorrow for you to check out.

As usual, we have a new candy review online, in fact we're going to start the new year off with a bang and we have a review-a-thon going up all this week. We figured why not start the year right with a Kat Kat review-a-thon. Our first entry is from Japan, one of the best places to get Kit Kats in the world.  You can read that review right here. But make sure to keep up with the whole review-a-thon this week by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or check here daily.


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