Monday, January 23, 2017

This Week In Candy

I have a mission. Allison has recently inspired a mission that I feel the whole world (or at the very least Canada) must achieve. We as people of earth must convince Tim Horton's to make a Beaver Tail inspired doughnut.  This would achieve the greatest, and most, Canadian thing every accomplished and what could be better than that? The thing is I cannot achieve this mission alone, I need your help. I've posted an image (click here to see the image) that I encourage you to share, and make sure to include @BeaverTails and @TimHortons in the post. Tell them that you want a #BeaverTailDoughnut, and you want it now!

I don't want anything in return except the opportunity to sink my teeth in into a Beaver Tails Doughnut. Check our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on our noble mission.

Speaking of doughnuts, we're still adding all kinds of doughnuts to our newest project, the Doughnut Project on Instagram. Our continuing goal to sample every doughnut Tim Horton's has to offer (and hopefully one day this will include a Beaver Tail doughnut) is going well, and we've now decided to include Timbits. This week we're also recording (and hopefully posting, the latest episode of Junk Fud On The Road, I believe this episode will be all about the UK.

This week's new candy review is a classic bar that I was so convinced I had already reviewed, I taped an episode of In Hindsight early this year about it.  As it turns out I hadn't even reviewed it yet, so looking back on the review was a little silly. Instead I decided to rectify the missing review and make sure it was well represented.  Click here to read about my favorite white chocolate bar.


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