Monday, January 09, 2017

This Week In Candy

Boy is it cold out there. It's our first winter in six years (we've been living overseas) and it's been pretty extreme, in Canada where I live we've had more than 150 cm of snow, and as I write this the temperature is around -15 degrees. It got me thinking about winter candy, or the lack of it. Sure there are a huge range of candies for Christmas, but the day after Christmas Valentine's day and Easter candies start to appear on the shelf. What about January, and half of February, what are we supposed to eat then?

A great deal of candy in this world is really designed for summer. Anything you eat with your fingers can be cumbersome while wearing gloves or mitts. Mint flavours make your insides freeze along with your outsides. Most fruit flavours just remind me of warmer days, and that's depressing. And ice cream is just out of the question. So what kind of candy can we eat in the winter? Maybe I'll think about it and try and design some specialty winter treats. If you have any ideas, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or comment below.

This week on Candy Critic we're going to post our latest episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! featuring a special guest, my nephew Feroner. We shot a two (maybe three) part candy tasting series over the holidays. The first episode is online at Feroner's YouTube channel right now, make sure to check it out here. Part two is going up on our YouTube channel later this week. It was a pretty intense episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! but we both survived.

To help me think about warmer days, I decided to review a classic African candy bar.  I figure that since it's summer there right now, maybe it'll make me feel better (nope). While this bar has brought back fond memories of the time I visited Africa, it really wasn't that impressive itself.  Click here to find out why.



Gerio Configirona said...

I was thinking on anissed stuff, toffee and chocolate (with all kind of fruits and dry fruits)... and of course, "TurrĂ³n". :D

Chris Stewart said...

Chocolate is a given, however toffee and spices I hadn't thought of. Great suggestions!