Monday, March 13, 2017

This Week In Candy

St Patrick's Day is coming, and I have to be honest, I've got nothing. This really isn't a holiday that's associated with any kind of candy or junk food, unless you count beer as a junk food.  The closest I could come up with is any kind of green candy, but that just seems disrespectful. It's not that there aren't any great Irish candies either, I just don't have any I can review right now.  That and many Irish candies are also popular in England, Scotland and Wales. I have a hard time splitting them up, and I wouldn't want to make any assumptions.  So don't take the lack of celebrating St Patrick's Day on as a sign of disrespect, I just don't think it's really appropriate.

I really do feel bad about not celebrating St Patrick's Day this week on, so to make it up we're having a review-a-thon of sorts. I thought the only way to celebrate the Irish is to celebrate the potato. I know that associating the potato with the Irish is a little offensive, however I know there's some historical merit when it comes to the potato famine. So all this week we're going to post a new potato chip review every day. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with all our fun (and festive?) potato chip reviews this week.

The first review this week is not really celebrating the Irish, unless you count the potato thing which we've already decided might be slightly offensive.  Today's potato chip review is all about Canada, it's a special flavour of potato chip dedicated to two very Canadian flavours, poutine and bacon.  While the idea was there, the execution didn't go as well. Click here to find out why.


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