Monday, April 10, 2017

This Week/Easter In Candy

Holy crap, I almost forgot about Easter.  I was so excited about our upcoming Icelandic candy review-a-thon that I forgot about Easter. I was planning on having the review-a-thon this week, but since it's Easter, it makes more sense to focus on possibly the second best candy related holiday of the year.  It's actually my favourite, and has been since I was a kid.  If you gave me the choice between Easter and Halloween, I would always pick Easter hands down.  After all the candy in Easter it free, you don't have to trudge around the neighbourhood to get it.

This week's going to be an all Easter theme. Our Candy In The Media post we have a very disturbing SNL sketch all about Easter candy, it'll keep you awake at night I'm sure.  We're also going to be posting so fun Easter facts on Snack Facts, our Instagram feed. Hopefully we'll have a few other fun Easter posts on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well. Make sure to keep up with all the Easter fun here on, and check back next week for our very special tribute to Iceland, which will include a very disturbing episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat that?!!

This week's special Easter review I picked because it was somewhat controversial earlier this year.  Apparently the folk that make these Oreo Easter eggs thought that American's wouldn't want to eat them, so they only sold them in Canada.  There was enough of an outcry that eventually Americans got them, but I'm not sure how well they made it around. As it turns out, if you couldn't get them, you're not missing much. Click here to find out why I thought these eggs were over-hyped.


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