Monday, May 15, 2017

This Week In Candy

Spring has sprung, and I know this because my alergies are gonig nuts. You can tell they're going nuts because of the fact that I didn't change the weird way I spelled "allergies" and "going" above. Having said that I misspell a lot on this site, more than I want, but it seems to happen.  This spring has been a little crazy for me, I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning, home repairs, and preparing.  Preparing for what you may ask?  Well that's a secret for now, but I'll probably have some news for you guys later in the summer.  Because of this craziness going on, I've decided that this summer we're going to be playing it a little loose over the summer, and that means we'll be posting things a little more randomly.  Such as posting This Week in Candy at 10pm instead of 10am on Monday.

This doesn't mean we're going to be posting less, in fact we might be posting more fun things on, it's just going to get posted whenever we can find the time.  Take what we're posting this week for example.  We've got a couple of great posts going up on our Instagram feed for the Doughnut Project.  We've also started to post some of the great Canada 150 treats we've been coming across lately on Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention we're hoping to get a new episode of Junk Fud On The Road up this week.  All of that, and we have a new Candy Critic recipe in the wings.  I think we might also start to post some random new reviews here and there, just because we can.

So don't worry, just because things are happening randomly doesn't mean we're slowing down. Judging by that list of things we're working on, it seems we're posting even more than usual.

This week's featured review is an interesting milestone, but likely only in my head.  This is the first review. It's not the first review we've ever posted, we've got hundreds of reviews online, this is the review that is at the top of every page that it's featured on.  Its name starts with the lowest number of any candy we've reviewed.  So no matter which category page we post it on, it's on top (see).  So click here and see if this top level treat is worth the rank.


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