Monday, June 05, 2017

This Week In Candy

I was thinking about Canadian candy this week, and something came to mind. One of the interesting things about Canadian candy is the diversity we have in our candy. I'm not talking about cultural diversity from other countries (although we do have that), I'm talking about diversity from one province to another. Canada is a big place, bigger than all of Europe, so it's not surprising that you find different foods (or candy) throughout the country. Even when you cross over from one province to another you'll find new treats. I live in Ottawa, and it's only a few kilometers from my closest grocery store to a grocery store in Quebec, and yet there are some unique treats you can't find in the Quebec grocery store that you can't find in mine. This is one of the great things about this country I call home, and something I really miss when I live overseas.

Speaking of travel and culture, this week on we're going to be posting a new episode of Junk Fud On The Road. In this episode Allison and I talk about our adventures in Poland and all of the fun foods we came across. Over the month of June we're going to be posting some fun Canadian Snack Facts on our Instagram feed to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. You can follow Snack Facts on Instagram right here. We're also going to be keeping an eye open for more Canada 150 themed treats over the next month,you can keep up with those on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This week's new review is a Kit Kat rip off... sort of. The subtle difference between a Kit Kat and this bar made it really hard to review, but I managed. Click here to find out what made this bar a little different from a Kit Kat bar.


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