Monday, June 12, 2017

This Week In Candy

It's going to be a short This Week In Candy as I'm getting ready to head to Toronto. I'm going for work, and strangely not work, but that doesn't mean I'm not likely to find some interesting things in my home town. One thing that's happening is I'm traveling with a friend that doesn't know Toronto that well, so I imagine I'm going to be taking him to all kinds of fun restaurants and snack places. I'm sure I'll post some pictures of our adventures. I'm also happy to take suggestions you might have for the perfect Toronto food.

It's also less than one month away from Canada's 150th birthday, and I think we'll be ramping up our Canada snack finds.  I'll be posting a few of our finds on Facebook and Twitter. This week we also have a new doughnut going up in our Doughnut Project on Instagram that's a special Canada 150 edition. Also, this week we're compiling some Canadian Snacks Facts that will also be going up on our Instagram feed.

This week's new review is the first in our special edition Canada 150 treats. It's a Maple Mars bar and it's surprisingly Canadian, for a bar that was invented outside of this country.  Click here to find out why this bar is a little overly Canadian.


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