Friday, February 09, 2018

Candy In The Media - Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I would say that this years super bowl commercials were either a big hit or a big miss. In general I enjoyed all of the snack themed commercials, although there didn't seem to be as many as usual. This is a little odd considering how many people worry about their snacking game before the game.

Here are all of the snacking  commercials we thought were worth watching this year:

Doritos/Mountain Dew

This commercial is a great example of getting popular actors to do things that they wouldn't normally do (or Dew, if you want to be punny). It's obviously a very expensive commercial and I think it works for the football demographic.


I don't think I could think of a better person than Danny Devito to cast as Red (M&M). While I'm not a big fan of Super Bowl commercial sequels, I would be really interested in who they might cast for some of the other M&Ms.


I like how this commercial looks at the history of Pepsi marketing. It's a clever way to look back at how Pepsi has branded itself throughout the years. I particularly like the Back To The Future reference.


This commercial is your standard goofy Super Bowl commercial, with all of the characters yelling  for no particular reason at one point and everything. The thing I loved about this commercial is the potential it creates for mixing and matching Pringles flavours, something I'd never thought of before.


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