Monday, May 28, 2018

This Last Weekend We Thought We Could Defeat Licorice, We Did Not - Salt Larkrits and Larkits Roten

For the last few years I've spend a great deal of time trying to like licorice. My biggest attempt was to buy a whole bag of Dutch droop and eat one every day for a few weeks. I made it through that experiment with a feeling that I might have lost my hatred of licorice and turned it into a tolerance. Since then I've tried to be more open about eating licorice and on occasion I've found licorice treats that I don't hate. This weekend I thought it would be fun to push the envelope with some pretty serious Swedish licorice treats. I pushed, and licorice pushed back pretty hard.

Here's the two licorice reviews that defeated me:

Our Salt Larkrits review and our Larkits Roten review.

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