Monday, May 07, 2018

This Week We're Doing A Crazy Candy Review-A-Thon Starting With... - Mentos "Choco & Caramel"

Normally when we do a review-a-thon we simply post a new review every day. This "crazy" review-a-thon is a lot less predictable, and more abundant. What I can promise is that we will post a new review every day. What I can't promise you is when we'll post this new review, and how many reviews we'll post each day. We might post one, or we might post 3 or 4, we just don't know. We might wait a few hours between posts, or we might just post them all together. We're going a little crazy here.

Click here to read the first review of this crazy review-a-thon.

Also, we won't likely post a new blog entry every time we post a new review. So that means you'll have to keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram to know for sure if we've posted something new.

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