Monday, December 31, 2018

It's The Last Review of 2018, And We Have A Bonus To Go With It - Strawberry Milk Candy

It's been a pretty strange year in the junk food and candy world. Straws became public enemy number 1, and food became more political than ever. We got to travel a whole lot, and exspirience treats from places like Finland, Kenya, and Japan (just to name a few). We also started to build up our YouTube channel, something we hope to continue to do in the coming years. It's been a fun road in 2018 and we thought we'd end it with a candy we picked up in Japan that might seem simple, but has a really great package.

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The package is so great that we made a little video showing off how cool it was.

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Thanks for following us and reading our reviews all throughout the year. We're going to keep going into 2019 and hopefully for many years to come.


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