Monday, February 11, 2019

5 Strange Candy Choices For Valentines Day - Part 3 - Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts Candy

I've never been a fan of conversation hearts as a gift on Valentine's Day. It's not that some of the messages aren't sweet, and they could be the perfect way to say "I love you". The problem is the risque that comes with these hearts. Many candy companies like to mix it up a bit and put sassy and or insult messages on some hearts. If you give your loved one the wrong heart it could ruin Valentine's Day for everyone.

The reason these are particularly strange is because you not only have the risque of getting the wrong message out, but you're also giving that person you love a sour candy. For me sour is a great treat to eat, but not really that romantic.  I also find those Sour Patch Kids to be somewhat mischievous, and that doesn't jive well with this holiday either.


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