Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tom's Look At The Visual Side Of Snacks And Candy - Green Tea Melty Kiss

Hello again!

It’s time for another look at candy and snack packaging! This time, I want to show an example of a stunning example of the kind of elaborate and beautiful packaging at which the Japanese excel. The product is called ‘Melty Kiss’ and I initially got it thinking it was a chocolate green tea. It’s actually chocolate square with green tea filling. They were a delicious surprise. Once the box was emptied, the box deserved thorough examination for the attention to detail and production values involved. First up is a photo looking inside the empty cavity that held the wrapped treats. The designers coloured the inside a deep brown, likely to evoke the chocolate of the treat itself. As well, graphic symbols of hearts and snowflakes float in the rich void.
The second picture shows the text of the inside flap that covers the chamber for the chocolates. Again, the graphic snowflake motif repeats to accent the text and the name of the product. I’m sure the text describes the chocolates in poetic terms though that’s my guess alone.
The third photo is not as sharp as I’d hoped but hopefully it still conveys the beautifully photographed green tea texture.
The green tea texture photo and the large snowflake on the pale green background are from panels of the box as is the photo that shows two images of the ‘Melty Kiss’, one with a cross-section to show the green tea centre. 
The snowflake theme carries into this panel.
Next is a visual feast with a tastefully composed overhead view of a foamy cup of green tea (more visual texture) and a carefree scattering of ‘Melty Kiss’ chocolates overlaid with a single green tea leaf. The upper portion of the image is actually the back of the box which flows over a fold and carries onto the top and lid of the box.
Finally, here’s a look at the wonderful green metallic ink that was added to the embossed ‘Melty Kiss’ logo and the snowflakes on the top panel. It’s just the right amount of ‘bling’ to add an extra touch of visual appeal.
Though it’s not part of the mandate of this column, I will report that the chocolates were every bit as luxurious as the package. If you see these and like green tea and chocolate, I highly recommend ‘Melty Kiss’.


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