Monday, August 12, 2019

I Can't Believe We Have A Candy Update Today - Kinako Mochi Choco

I'll start off with the update itself, it's a Japanese candy that's not great. It's pretty cheap, and it consists of flavours that are very common in Japan, mochi and chocolate. This candy could work, but it doesn't, because it's cheaply made. I could tell you more about today's review, but frankly I have a bigger story to tell Now onto the reason that I'm amazed that I'm even writing this.

Last week the main computer we use to run this site died. It died and many of the programs we use to make this site stopped working. I was pretty sure that this was going to lead to at least a week's worth of silence on our end. Then gradually, I started to rebuild. I had to make a few updates to our system, but in no time things started to come together. We have backups here, and I'm totally stunned that they all worked. I was able to get everything back up and running in two days. While there still might be a few speed bumps ahead, it appears that all is working well enough to not only keep the updates coming this week, but also continue working on the new version of Candy Critic (coming soon).

I freaked out last week about this, but as I sit here now, I'm kind of  happy it all happened. Things seem to actually be running smoother, and we even updated a few things.

Click here if you want to learn more about today's new candy review.

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