Thursday, November 07, 2019

Classic Candies I Haven’t Reviewed And Why - Part 2

Lucky Elephant Popcorn - I've always been a little bit nervous about reviewing Lucky Elephant Popcorn. I've always had fond childhood memories of this treat, but I'm not sure it actually holds up on its own. I'm thinking that if I break down Lucky Elephant Popcorn, and look at it objectively, it's just sweet, bland popcorn. Sure it's bright pink, but is that enough?

Regular Lays or Ruffles, or Pringles - Every time I find myself in a store, facing the wall of potato chips, I always seem to find a flavour so interesting, or weird that I have to try it. I do eat regular potato chips, but only at parties, and almost always with some kind of dip. Some day I might have to go out and specifically buy plain potato chips to review, but only after I've exhausted all the other amazing flavours available.

Hot Tamales - I don't like spicy food. I see Hot Tamales as the quintessential spicy candy. It's not the hottest candy out there, but it's really the grandfather of hot candies. I actually think candies that are hotter than Hot Tamales are more interesting to me because I'm curious as to how hot they really are. Hot Tamales are hot enough that I'm scared to eat them, but not hot enough to make me interested.

Cherry PEZ - I've reviewed three flavours of PEZ so far, orange, grape and lemon. I've enjoyed each one of these flavours, but cherry has been my favourite flavour since childhood. The reason I've never reviewed cherry PEZ is because I've haven't selected the flavour of a package of PEZ for as long as I've been doing this site. Any PEZ candies that I've reviewed on this site came with a PEZ dispenser. I guess it's just been my luck so far (or maybe they never package PEZ dispensers with cherry PEZ), but I have not tasted cherry PEZ in years.


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