Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tom's Look At The Visual Side Of Christmas Snacks And Candy - Christmas Haul Part 1

Aaah, Christmas time! This is the time of year when companies pull out all the stops to make tempting treats for dazzled eyes! Here are but a few seen recently while shopping...
This is the first time I’ve seen this item. It is a log cabin to build using Kit Kat bars. It’s a fun twist on the traditional gingerbread house. A second visit to the store revealed that Smarties are also involved in the bundle. The photograph I took shows the charming graphics of the bear outside the cabin. It may be his alternative to hibernating in a cave!
The second photo is of two Lindt Lindor treats of a massive proportion! It may not be apparent in the picture but these babies are the size of basketballs! If you are told you have to cut back on sweets and can have only one treat this season, maybe keep this monster in mind! If they’re as good as the regular size Lindors, it’s a win!!
Finally, a local grocery store has a sizable Lindt display that includes the brochure in the third photograph. This is an example of what my sister jokingly refers to as “chocolate porn”. On specifically selected paper stock with high quality printing, paper after page of chocolate Lindt products are temptingly laid out for daydreaming and list-making. Just look at the Lindt treats adorning the cake on the cover!!The season has just begun, folks! Hang in there and pace yourself. Don’t forget the New Year’s promise of copious regular exercise!


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