Monday, June 29, 2020

I Thought A Lot About Today's Review - Life Savers "Black Currant Pastilles"

The reason I gave today's new candy review so much thought is that I will likely not be posting another review this week. For those that don't follow Candy Critic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may not know that I post a second review every week on Thursdays. I do this as a bonus for those following on our social media, and to help keep my review backlog under control. This week however I will not be posting a review, and I can't really tell you why at this given moment.

When this week is over, I'm guessing you'll have a pretty good idea why I can't talk about it, but for now I've decided to leave the reason a little quiet. Needless to say that since I'm not posting a review later this week, I wanted to make sure that today's new candy review is a good one. I wanted to be sure that it was not only a good candy, but that it was a little interesting as well.

I think I achieved that.

Click here to check out this interesting candy review.

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