Monday, June 22, 2020

Thinking About Wafers... And Other Things - Kagi "Classic"

Today's new review got me thinking about wafers. To most people wafers are just another form of flour and sugar that's often associated with cookies. To me, wafers present a conundrum in the candy world, a riddle that is sometimes solved, and often failed. Whenever I buy a wafer based candy bar, I feel like I'm taking a risk, and also about to think very deeply about what I'm about to eat.

Strangely, this overthinking of a wafer bar has also made me think about my future, both immediate and long term. As is regular here at, there are changes on the horizon. Some of these changes are in my control, others are not. I have no plans on stopping Candy Critic, but as is common, there are some changes coming.

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