Thursday, July 30, 2020

Come one come all candy fans and see our newest project called Snack Facts!

Join Sir Francis Sweetums III and his sugar glider companion Barbara on epic adventures through the candy and snacking world. Using their time travelling tuk-tuk, they venture to seek out the history and stories of your favourite nibbles.

Each issue of Snack Facts is a micro comic that you can either buy in printed form, or download yourself. The downloadable version is easy, fun to make, and only requires one piece of paper to print it.  Best of all you can customize your issues of Snack Facts and make them as big or small as you please, or even print them off in black and white and colour them yourself. Pre-printed issues come signed and some even have hidden treasures.
Make sure to check out to learn more. You can also download issue 0 of Snack Facts for free.


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