Monday, September 07, 2020

This Tiny Candy Made Me Think Some Pretty Big Thoughts - Starburst "Minis Original"

There is the famous expression that "size doesn't matter", I do not believe that at all when it comes to candy. I think the size of a candy can make or break it for so many reasons. Health is the first thing that comes to mind, as you should really not eat an entire 5 pound Hershey bar by yourself. Next thing to think about is variety, better to have a few bites with varying flavours than eat a candy until you're sick of it (I call this the Costco effect). It also sucks to have too fleeting a taste of a candy. The last, and I argue most important thing to think about when the size of a treat changes is the ratio of ingredients. The biggest problem I find when I eat a candy treat that's had a size change is the ratio of ingredients changes and throws everything off. Strangely this treat had a problem of its own.

Click here to find out why I don't think these Starburst succeeded being mini Starburst.

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