Monday, October 05, 2020

I Thought I'd Eat Another Aero Truffle - Aero Truffle "Dark Cherry"

I'm pretty sure this is the end of the Aero Truffle bar. I'm seeing them on sale everywhere, and to me that's a sign that this "limited" run is over. I'm not sure if it was a success for Nestle, and frankly up until now I wasn't too sad to see them go. Then I tried this variation and I felt like there was a hope. I actually feel a little sad that this bar is going to be leaving us. I feel like there's still a problem with the concept of this bar (that bubble layer being milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate), but this dark cherry flavour is bold and pretty tasty. I hope I'm wrong about these bars going away, since I think it's great that Nestle is trying some unique flavours. I just hope, if they bring them back, they work on the chocolate a little bit.

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