Monday, July 25, 2011

The Best Way to Eat Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Part 1 On a Pita

All this week we will be presenting you 5 great ways to enjoy your chocolate hazelnut spread fix.  Sure I could have simply said "5 great ways to enjoy your Nutella fix", but there are so many more brands of this stuff and I figured this would be a little more fair.  For the most part people only really think about eating this stuff spread on bread, or sometimes in a crepe, but I've discovered some other great places to smear this stuff.
For the first example, I thought I would suggest something that would compensate for those of us that aren't skilled making crepes.  If you're at home and you don't feel like heating up the crepe maker, why not try something else similar but a lot easier to come across.  I suggest either a tortilla or a round of pita bread.
Although the tortilla and pita are a little different I find that the differences might actually be to some peoples taste.  For example, both of these flat breads tend to have a lot less sugar than crepes.  Because of this I find that the contrast between the sweet and savory really makes for a nice combination.  I also find that the pita and tortilla are slightly stronger.  I like this because there's less chance of a tear as well as a nice satisfying bite sensation.


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