Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best Way to Eat Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Part 3 In Yogurt

All this week we will be presenting you 5 great ways to enjoy your chocolate hazelnut spread fix.  Sure I could have simply said "5 great ways to enjoy your Nutella fix", but there are so many more brands of this stuff and I figured this would be a little more fair.  For the most part people only really think about eating this stuff spread on bread, or sometimes in a crepe, but I've discovered some other great places to smear this stuff.

This tip on enjoying your chocolate hazelnut spread is a creation based on our adventures here in Greece.  Although there is some controversy in this house about who came up with it, there is no controversy about how good it is.  Best of all it makes for a great desert as well as a snack.
In this case I'm talking about adding a little chocolate hazelnut spread to your yogurt.  Although I'm sure that it will work fine with just about any type of plain yogurt, Greek high fat strained yogurt is truly fantastic.  The very creamy texture and taste mix so well with the thick spread, and the bitter flavour of the yogurt balances well with the sweet from the spread.  One tip I would say if you make this at home is don't stir it too much.  Just fold the chocolate hazelnut spread into the yogurt so your left with beautiful swirls.


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