Wednesday, August 31, 2011

International Chocolate Bar Challenge - Twix Edition

For years I've had the impression that chocolate bars in Europe are better than Canada, and Canadian chocolate bars are better than American.  I've always said this, but I've never actually tested it.  I've tasted the same bars from these three different regions, but never at the same time.  Well that's all changed, now I've collected chocolate bars from the US, Canada, and Europe, and I'm going to do a blind taste test each week.  When I taste these bars I won't have any idea which bar is from which place.
To start off I'm going to examine the Twix bar. I was handed 3 bars, bar one was from the US, bar two was Canadian, and bar three was European.
Bar one (US) I thought was actually the European bar, but I was wrong.  I felt the chocolate was nice and melty, and it proved to be my favorite.  Bar two (Can), the difference between these two bars is astounding, the chocolate was not nearly as melty and the caramel was a lot chewier.  I assumed that bar two was the American, mostly because of the quality of chocolate and the intense caramel.  Bar three (EU) was a lot more like the first one, particularly in the caramel department, this bar was also a lot thicker as well.  I assumed it was the Canadian bar.
This test really changed my ideas about the difference in bars from around the world.  First of all I thought the differences would be very subtle, but as you can see from the picture the bars look nothing alike, and they taste very different as well.  I also thought that the European bar would be so much better than the American, but I actually liked the American a lot more.  My stance on this argument over the quality of bars from different places is going to change, however my opinion on the fact that the bars are different is going to be even stronger. Next week, the Kit Kat Bar.


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