Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Have A Winner!!!

I almost forgot to let you guys know, but we have a winner of the Sour Patch Kids contest we held a few weeks back.  It took a little time to get in contact, but our winner Ashley will be getting a few bags of Sour Patch Kids, and a couple of t-shirts.  She only gets to keep one of the shirts because as Ashley says "I would give the other shirt to my sister, because she is sweet and colourful and sometimes a little bit of a sourpuss, just like the candies. She and I like to buy Sour Patch Kids and put a pile of them in a glass of lemonade or koolaid and wait for them to get all weirdly soft, then drink the drink. It's strange, but quite delightful, and winning the candy would mean we could have all sorts of awesome Sour Patch funtimes."

Not only does her sister get a Sour Patch Kids shirt, but we all get to benefit with a great new way to eat Sour Patch Kids.  Congrats Ashley!


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