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Old Candy Critic Articles - Trick or Treats Part 1

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  Over the next 3 weeks I'm posting an articles listing some of the many treats you might get this year on Halloween.

It's that time of year again, no not the time to dress up and walk around the neighborhood wearing ghoulish costumes, it's the time of year that candy is available at every store in major bulk. Isle upon isle of candy at every store, and come November 1st half off. If your a kid (or at least can still pass off as one) it's time to head out to the streets and experience all that is Halloween.

Before everybody gets out in their costumed getup and parents buy bags and bags of treats, here are some reviews of some Halloween treats. Kids this will help you decide which house should get multiple visits, and parents, this will help you decide which treats you should avoid giving out (either to avoid a good egging or to enjoy yourself). So as the selfless hero I am I will sample as many Halloween treats as I can, so you know how to trick or treat.


Review:  Unfortunately I can't give these candies a fair review, when I was a kid I bit into a stale Kiss and chipped my tooth. To this day they scare me. For the review I made sure that I got a fresh one, and it wasn't that bad, but the flavour was pretty strong. You have to like molasses, and you have to like chewy stuff. They're OK just make sure that they are fresh.

What are the chances you'll get one:  Most people say that there is no such thing as a sure thing, but getting one of these on Halloween is about as close as you can get to that. This is one of the only candies that is only available on Halloween. Most of the other candies have similar versions of themselves available other times of the year.


Review: Is two Chiclets really enough? Well I don't think it really makes a difference, no matter how many of these things you eat the flavor never lasts. The flavor you get is great, with each color having a unique flavor. The other problem is the amount that it always seems to chew down to, it always seems disappear into nothing very quickly.

Chew time 4:10

What are the chances you'll get one:  With it's small size and brand name appeal, as well as it's traditional Halloween value, chances are you'll be getting a few of these this Halloween. If your real lucky most of you Chiclets will be red ones.

Caramilk Pumpkins

Review:  Not bad, not bad at all. If you like the Caramilk bar you'll like these. If you eat to many of them you will get a little sick because they are a little too sweet. In moderation they do taste great with great quality chocolate and caramel.

What are the chances you'll get one:  You might get individual ones (since each chocolate is individually wrapped), but I think the chances of getting a whole pack is pretty slim. Unless you happen to go to one of those houses giving out whole real chocolate bars.


Review:  Rockets are one of the best treats you can get on Halloween. One of the joys of them is the fact that you can play with them as well, I usually to build pyramids with mine. They're also fun to eat, with their tart taste and powdery texture they can't be beat.

What are the chances you'll get one:  You will get some of these. It is a fact that you just can't deny. Weather it's from a friend at work or your average house, you will get some rockets.

Skulls Decorated Fudge Filled

Review:  It's not that this is that bad it's just too sweet. It must be the frosting which at first I thought was just white chocolate but I don't think it is. It just  tastes like sweet and nothing else. I should give credit for the look of these things though, they look exactly like the picture on the package.

What are the chances you'll get one:  People tend to buy inexpensive and fun themed candy that looks OK, this fits that bill. If you get one or two of these be happy, any more and you should look into trading for other treats.

Count Blackula

Review:  Sharing a name with one of the most bizarre movies in history, the Count Blackula gum ball was an amazing surprise. I expected it to be a fake licorice flavor, and I couldn't be more wrong, it has an amazing fruity flavor that couldn't be better. The only downfall is as expected there was a quick flavor loss.

Chew time 5:42

What are the chances you'll get one:  More than likely you'll probably get a bunch of these, and my friend eat them up. There is probably a good chance you'll find these on the shelves after Halloween as well, buy'em and eat'em. These are a true hidden treasure.

Creepy Peepers Mix

Review:  These things are the greatest, each one of these lovely treats has a different fun center (brown peanut butter, green caramel, purple chocolate). The filling in these ghoulish treats are the highlight, particularly the peanut butter, instead of going for a sweet peanut butter it seems more pure and tasty. The chocolate center burst in your mouth, and hey, who doesn't like caramel.

What are the chances you'll get one:  The chances of getting these as a treat have to be pretty good. I saw bag upon bag on the shelves and cheap little treats are always a staple for Halloween night. If you get a hand full of these gems save the eggs for the next house.

Chocolate Ghost

Review:  What can I say about this candy except, it's cheap chocolate in a cool shape. That's about it.

What are the chances you'll get one:  You'll probably get a few cheap chocolate candies in your bag. You'll enthusiastically eat them first thinking they're going to be tasty, then you'll avoid them until your almost finished all your candy.


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