Monday, October 01, 2012

This Week In Candy

With Halloween approaching I want to extend an invitation to any and all candy companies that are making Halloween treats.  Send me any information about your company and the Halloween treats you make, and we'll feature on this blog during the next month.  You don't have to send samples of the treats, however if you do we'll gladly except them.  So if you're a candy company, large or small, and you have a great Halloween treat coming out, let me know so I can tell the this little corner of the web about it.

We're also starting up a new project with a look at various spreads (you know things that go on bread).  For the next 40 or so days we'll be posting a photograph, and a short little blurb about a different spread.  It's in association with our sister site and their latest piece of fine art called "Between Slices".


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