Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week In Candy

I was asked last week how I could eat all of this candy and still be kind of skinny.  This is not a rare question for me at all, every time I do an interview for a magazine or newspaper or even just meet someone new, they always ask this question.  The answer is simple, portion control.  I eat the amount of sweet treats that my body can handle at that given time.  If I'm out and about a lot I find that I can eat more treats.  If I'm at home writing or working on my computer I find I can't eat as much.  Even when I do eat sweet treats, I don't tend to eat that many, or as many as you might think.

I also pay attention to what I'm eating habits.  My belief is that the biggest problem with obesity in the world comes from foods that are dishonest.  Sure candy can sometimes be dishonest, I've seen gummies that are full of sugar claim to be fat free, like that makes a difference.  I also know that some foods that we think are healthy can be just as bad for you as foods we know aren't.  Yogurts that are full of sugar, granola bars that are filled with carbs, and restaurant sauces that are laden with sugar, just to name a few.  While I may eat a chocolate bar now and then, I tend to eat my salad with oil and vinegar and not a store bough dressing.

Well now that I've cleared that up, this week I have a few things going on.  The spreads project is still going strong, and I'm glad a few of you seem to like it.  I've also decided that I'm going to start blogging about my baking experiences as well, let me know what you think of that.  Finally, I'm thinking of starting a podcast, I have a few ideas and I think it might make for good listening fun.  If you have any ideas of what might make a good podcast about junk food, sweets, or candy, let me know.  I'm also trying to come up with a good title for the podcast as well.


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