Thursday, November 08, 2012

Crunchy Nutella!.. Sort Of.

I recently discovered what might be the next evolution in chocolate hazelnut spreads.  Surprisingly it didn't come from our friends at Nutella, instead it came from Merenda brand hazelnut spread.  I've had Merenda in the past, and it's pretty good, but this new version takes it into a new place.
This new version of Merenda is crunchy.  It's a brilliant idea that I'm surprised hasn't come up before.  The main brilliance of this is the fact that it's made crunchy with bits of hazelnut.  I could see some chocolate spread makers using other nuts, like peanuts, instead of hazelnuts, and that would be just wrong.
 These little chunks of hazelnut add so much to this spread.  The nut itself is a softer nut, so it works really well with the smooth spread.  I think a peanut might be too hard, and anything like an almond would be way too hard.  Best of all, it really adds a hint more hazelnut to the mix.  Most of the time when you're eating a hazelnut spread, you're really thinking of chocolate, in this case the nutty texture and flavour are increased and it makes for a really great spread.  I highly recommend you give it a try.


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