Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old Candy Critic Articles - Toffee Trouble

I've decided to take down several old articles from the and re-post them here on the Candy Critic blog.  This week I look back at my first ever candy related injury.

I get countless e-mails from people asking me how I got a job as the Candy Critic, and how they too could be one. Well it’s a simple answer, I made the job up, and you could do it too, just be too oblivious of the world to realize it’s not a real job. People also generally tell me that my job is the best, and the most fun job in the world; to those people I dedicate this particular article.

Tonight I decided to have myself a little Toffee, it’s an upcoming review purchased by Allison in Calgary from a shop that imports all kinds of treats from the UK. A company called Walkers makes it, but to be honest the details of the snack aren’t really that important. What is important is I have just received my first on the job injury.
While breaking off a piece of this very tasty toffee (a bit of force was needed) I cut my hand. Sure it only looks like a little scrape, but I am a bit of a wuss and now my hand hurts.
One of the reason I got into the candy reviewing business was I thought it would be all fun and games. Well I was wrong, now it’s serious.


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