Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Baking Today/My Greek Cookbook - Candied Fruit

 My most recent experiment, for my Greek Cookbook, has been to make Orange Peel Spoon Sweets.  It was easily the most nerve wracking, baking/cooking experiment I've made so far.  My biggest fear was making a mistake, and sampling my first concoction, only to realize that I did something wrong and the bitterness of the orange peel hand't gone away.
 I researched many recipes and discovered that the key seems to be regular boiling.  I assume that boiling takes the bitterness out of the oranges.  So I boiled my orange peels many times over.  Even though my first batch looked right, I was still really nervous about sampling my first piece of orange peel. Fortunately it seemed to work very well and I was left with a mouth full of slight tart, but most sweet orange peel.
I'm not really sure who came up with the idea of taking the worst part of a fruit, and turning it into something better.  It sounds like the result of a bet.  "I bet you can't eat this entire orange. I bet I can."


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