Monday, January 21, 2013

Australia/New Zealand Review-A-Thon - Dairy Milk Snack

Whenever I do a review-a-thon I have one fear that keeps creeping back, is this treat actually from the country where I found it.  It could be that this treat is available in several countries and I just happen to have found it where I was visiting.  It could also be that this treat happened to have come out while I was travelling, but now it's available all over the place.  This is particularly difficult to know when the treat your reviewing is made by a large candy company, like Kraft, Cadbury, or Nestle.  All I can assure you about today's addition to the Australian/New Zealand review-a-thon is that I bought it on my travels.  Where this bar originated, and were it's sold I can't tell you for sure.

Click here to read the Dairy Milk Snack review.


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