Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week In Candy

Well we're getting back into the regular swing of things here at Candy Critic.  All this week we're having our Australia/New Zealand epic trip round up.  Not only are we posting a whole bunch of highlights from our trip to the great down under, but all this week we'll be having an OZ/NZ Review-A-Thon.

We're also working out our new changes to the site, including our weekly news roundup, instead of daily news posts.  But if you need your candy news now, we'll be posting all (more than in the round up) of the the candy related news articles we find on our Twitter feed, as we find it.  After this week, we're also going to change our review update day to Monday, that way you'll have your weekends free to go outside and smell some flowers.

Finally we're working hard on our new podcast which we hope to have online soon.


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